Play-Ground Theatre Company, Colorado

“Play-Ground Theatre was one of the best trainings we have had!!! I heard rave reviews from my staff and we cannot wait for them to come back. By far the best training ever! What a couple of wonderful, entertaining individuals. I would recommend them to anyone anywhere anytime!” Shannon Hall, Early Learning Center Director


“Jeff and Mia have such a gift of energy and positive, endearing personalities that they bring to their trainings and performances. After the training the staff were left excited, energized and inspired" Cortney Fillion, Director - CCLC


"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Play-Ground Theatre. Founders, Jeff Haycock and Mia Sole are a truly talented, professional, energetic and positive team that takes teaching and learning to new heights."Renee Collier, Principal - Hygiene Elementary


 "Thank you again for inspiring and enlightening our story tellers. You two are awesome! It was delightful to meet you!!!" Kim Parker, Training Specialist High Plains Library District


"Let's just say that I've been- ZAPPED! I walked away from today's training totally hyped and ready to inspire families with the theatre fun that you shared with us. I'm always amazed by you two and how easily you can captivate a crowd...You SO are the "facilitators of JOY". Thank you for inspiring me through laughter, play, theatre/drama, and positive cheer. Keep on doing your thang because you are changing lives. You two are meant for the big screen. So happy to have you guys in Colorado! PEACE OUT!"-Amy Ortiz, Highplains Children's Librarian


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