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Join us for an invigorating journey as we uncover the transformative power of joy in education. Infusing Joy in Curriculum is a captivating one-hour video that aims to reignite your passion for teaching and empower you to create a joyful learning environment.

During this teacher training session, we will delve into the profound impact that joy can have on our lives and the lives of our students. By embracing joy, we can revolutionize the way we educate and foster positive connections with our students.

Discover simple and practical steps that you can implement in your classroom to cultivate a culture of joyful learning. Our goal is to prioritize student engagement and create an atmosphere of compassion and heart-centered leadership.

As educators, your role as leaders is invaluable! This training video has been tailored to elevate your teaching skills to new heights. Together, as a team of joy spreaders, let's fortify and infuse our classrooms with unwavering positivity.

You'll walk away from this video equipped with actionable takeaways that you can immediately utilize. From engaging theatre games for the classroom to a plethora of valuable educational resources, we've got you covered!

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Play-Ground Theatre coaches Mia Sole & Jeff Haycock are dedicated to inspire everyone in their path. Living a charged life and sharing that sense of excellence with the world is a passion for them. For almost three decades they have lived their dream to bring unbridled glee to children and joyously share their mission with thousands of teachers across the country.

As keynote speakers, Mia and Jeff connect audiences with theatrical tactics, high power positive strategies, and gratitude in the work place. Jeff and Mia deliver material concisely with zest, humor and charisma. They are the authors of best selling books, Theatre Games for Preschool Children Ages 3-6 and Theatre Games for Elementary School Age Children Ages 7-12.

Below you will find the staff trainings currently available for your professional development day.   

Theatrical Tactics For The Classroom

This outstanding hour and a half staff training.

Ignites imagination

Generates excitement

Boosts positive energy

Sets the stage for joyous staff participation

Provides a bounty of creative tools for teaching

    Strategies for providing preschool and/or school age students instruction with innovative techniques that motivate students to explore, role play, communicate, work together, and better understand the self through performing arts.

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    “Play-Ground Theatre was one of the best trainings we have had! I heard rave reviews from my staff and we cannot wait for them to come back. By far the best training ever! I would recommend them to anyone anywhere anytime!” Shannon Hall, Early Learning Center Director


    Motivational / Team Building

    This exceptional hour and a half staff training.

    Unleashes a wave of camaraderie 

    Fosters trust and friendship    

    Builds character 

    Energizes and unites staff members

      Bring your staff together for a training they will never forget. Filled with creative activities, music, acting exercises that leave staff elevated with refreshed, positive, cheerful vibrance. 

      Call 303-258-0393 for prices, information, and scheduling.

      “Jeff and Mia have such a gift of energy and positive, endearing personalities that they bring to their trainings and performances. After the training the staff were left excited, energized and inspired" Cortney Fillion, Director - CCLC



      This exceptional hour and a half staff training.

      Spotlights positive character traits of each staff member    

      Offers individuals the power to award others 

      Connects staff with a greater sense of acknowledgement

        This training has a wonderful power as it's geared to recognize and cheer for each and every individual. The atmosphere will be rich with love and cultivate a happy positive staff. 

        Call 303-258-0393 for prices, information, and scheduling.

        "It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Play-Ground Theatre. Founders, Jeff Haycock and Mia Sole are a truly talented, professional, energetic and positive team that takes teaching and learning to new heights." Renee Collier, Principal - Hygiene Elementary


        Story Time

        This sensational hour and a half staff training.

        Supports the mission of children's librarians 

        Highlights techniques for audience participation

        Shares innovative introductions to stories

        Stimulates creative discussion 

        This training strengthens the power of story telling. Focus is on connecting the individual with tools to have stronger stage presence, clever presentational styles, and a bag of tricks to produce more successful interactive programs for community Libraries.

        "Thank you again for inspiring and enlightening our story tellers. You two are awesome! It was delightful to meet you!!!" Kim Parker, Training Specialist High Plains Library District


        "I walked away from your training totally hyped and ready to inspire families with all the theatre fun that you shared with us. I'm always amazed by you two and how easily you can captivate a crowd...You SO are the "facilitators of JOY". Thank you for inspiring me through laughter, play, theatre/drama, and positive cheer. Keep on doing your thang because you are changing lives. So happy to have you guys in Colorado!" 

        Amy Ortiz, Highplains Children's Librarian 

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