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Touring for Spring Break 2017.

Mia and Jeff introduce the world’s first organic superheroes: SUPERNATURAL & SPROUT. Born on Earth Day, raised on peace, love, granola, and a variety of trail mixes, SuperNatural is here to sage our planet with peaceful resolution. Together with his sidekick Sprout, they will save the planet from Toxic's Waste's pollution potion. Young audience members have a chance to help save the day and show off their knowledge in The Green Game Show.

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Appropriate for ALL AGES.



Touring for summer 2017.

This is our most popular performance and is loved by all ages. Enjoy classic fairy tales with a twist for young and old. Will the troll gobble the Billy Goats? Can Red Riding Hood get the goodies to grandma? 

Fairy Tale Theatre includes: 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Rappin’ Red & Strummin’ Fred the Wolf.


 Jamming with Jeff

Family Nights are perfect for a musical wave of fun from Play-Ground Theatre founder Jeff Haycock. Audiences will adore this LIVE MUSIC program as students are engaged in a musical exploration and always invited to share their talents on stage! 


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It’s another Big Brain breakthrough!

Learning makes life an adventure. Join our loveable scientist, Professor Big Brain as he travels back through time and space to the prehistoric world of the Stink Foot. 

3,2,1...BLAST OFF with the SPACE CRUSADERS! It’s up to futuristic, outer space superheroes, Teflon and Velcro to save the planet from an alien virus. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild original brand of sci-fi in a meteor shower of fun.


"This is the BEST program at the Library we have ever seen! Excellent! Very interactive - the kids were completely engaged!"

Columbine Library Program Evaluation



A fantastic, one-of-a-kind, spooktacular performance that children and adults have voted BEST Halloween Event year after year. 

The Halloween Show includes a smattering of safety tips for trick-or-treaters made hilarious, music, perky puppets, and another adventure with beloved Bob & Bobbie, The Ghost Catchers.

Children in the audience are invited to share the stage with founders Jeff and Mia. This comedy show is guaranteed to tickle the funny bones of all ages.


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