Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshops

Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshops

Kids can act along in Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshop.

This performing arts virtual program is designed to increase student's imagination skills and build self confidence while introducing them to beginner acting. Each episode offers interactive warm ups, exciting acting games and dance freeze with different themes. Students participate with Professor Big Brain, Cupcake the Cow and the Puppet Players in dramatic activities, music and dance appropriate for ages 2 - 7. Take advantage of Play-Ground Theatre’s over 30 years of creative education! 

Five star reviews

Summer Acting Workshop    

Hosts Professor Big Brain, Cupcake the cow and a parade of puppet players
lead students though warm-ups, acting games and dance freeze 
with summer themes

Kid-Friendly, Educational, and Entertaining.
Teacher approved. Safe content. Safe language. Fun for all ages.
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Compatible with all devices, smart tv's, computers, pads, and phones.

Recommended for ages 2 - 7 

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"Play-Ground Theatre delivers the BEST online learning programs our school has ever seen! Excellent! Very interactive, the kids were completely engaged! Thank you!!!"  

"High energy and enthusiasm is how I would describe programs that Jeff and Mia provide... they hit the ground running and don’t stop! Play-Ground Theatre is fun for parents and children alike. I highly recommend them." - Kimberly CEC Early Learning Academy, Denver, Colorado


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