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Play-Ground Theatre - Mia & Jeff



Mia Sole, Play-Ground Theatre’s writer/director, is an absolute powerhouse of creativity. With her lightning-fast comedic mind and ability to ad lib, she's truly a force to be reckoned with. On stage, Mia transports you to a world of pure joy and then has you laughing uncontrollably. She's a master of physical comedy and behind the scenes, she pulls the strings like a skilled puppeteer. Whether she's reciting Shakespeare or turning Red Riding-hood into a rap sensation, hilarity ensues.

Not only is Mia an incredible performer, but she's also passionate about sharing her creative knowledge as an educator. Her innovative ideas are tried and true, and she devotes herself wholeheartedly to nurturing teaching teams with spirited talks that honor and respect their vision. Mia is like a dedicated coach sent to cheer educators on their journey to the next level. In her presence, there's always a positive atmosphere filled with exuberance and inventive solutions.  



Jeff Haycock is an extraordinary performer who exudes magnetism, liveliness, and charm. He has become a true superstar in children's theatre. From the moment he steps onto the stage, Jeff establishes an instant connection with his audience, radiating positivity with his infectious smile. His talents as an entertainer are unmatched – whether as a dashing leading man, a hilarious character actor, a witty sketch writer, or a captivating singer.

But that's not all – Jeff is also a gifted musician who effortlessly plays various instruments. He brings his musical prowess to every show, enchanting children with his magical melodies.

Beyond his remarkable performing abilities, Jeff possesses a wealth of knowledge in theatrics as an educator. With precision and eloquence, he develops drama curriculum that combines performing arts with education. He firmly believes that acting can accelerate learning while providing immense enjoyment.

As a trainer, theatre teacher, and consultant, Jeff serves as a powerful motivator and inspiration to others. His thirty years of experience in creative education are invaluable treasures to those fortunate enough to learn from him.