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Play-Ground Theatre - Mia & Jeff



As a writer/director, Mia Sole is incredibly creative, inventive, high powered, and a member of that handful of comedians that loves to ad lib. Her mind is a bonafide comedy computer working at lightning speed to generate giggles, dedicated to bring the joy. On stage, Mia takes you to a make-believe place of supreme goodness and then makes you laugh uncontrollably. A master of physical comedy and a crafty puppeteer behind the curtain. She can deliver Shakespeare trippingly off her tongue, twist Red Riding-hood into a rap sensation or tangle with a chair as a cunning cowgirl, all with hilarious consequences.

As an educator, Mia is 100% devoted to share her creative toolbox of innovative ideas that are tried and true. Mia creates a positive atmosphere that sparks exuberance, delivers inventive solutions, nurtures teaching teams with spirited talks that honor, respect, and propel vision. She is a coach sent dedicated to cheer on educators to the next level.




 As a performer, Jeff Haycock is magnetic, lively, and irresistible, a children's theatre all star. Upon entering the stage, he immediately connects to his audience a true force of positive power with a big, bright smile. Jeff is a gifted entertainer: a handsome leading man, zany character actor, comic sketch writer and a soaring song bird. Also in his bag of tricks, he is a skilled musician, agile on a variety of instruments, he slings his axe to every show and kids thrive with his magical melodies.

As an educator, Jeff is equipped with a wealth of valuable knowledge of theatrics. Precise and eloquent, Jeff creates drama curriculum and contributes content that amalgamates performing arts with education, highlighting the fact that acting accelerates learning, and it's fun too! As a trainer, theatre teacher, and consultant, Jeff motivates and inspires; his thirty years of creative education experience is pure gold.