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Touring Theatre Workshops


Holiday Acting Workshops include 30 minutes of live music, singing, dancing, and acting games designed for preschool students to celebrate the season. Jeff and Mia travel to your school creating an enchanting, interactive experience where students flourish and explore performing together.

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"Play-Ground Theatre @Goddard Denver were my favorite days in my nearly 20 years of teaching. You guys are awesome! The kids love you, and you have no idea how many opportunities I've had to build on your workshops. The kids remember every second and it is SO easy for me to add activities in every subject after you've been there!"

-M. McQuail, Goddard School 


Start the new year with creative exercises that model teamwork, unity and positive energy! Togetherness Acting Workshop features a wonderful story called, "The Jumping Beans meet the Giant."

Hosts Jeff and Mia lead preschool children on a delightful journey filled with acting, singing, dancing and music. As the Giant stands out for being different and friendless, students who play the jumping beans go on a special trip to discover that uniqueness is what makes every individual truly special. Play-Ground Theatre has designed a workshop that engages young minds while imparting important life lessons of belonging, acceptance, and compassion. 

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Fun on the Farm is a 30 minute acting workshop that includes live music, singing, dancing, and games for preschoolers. Students will learn through acting and story telling about farming, growing food, feeding animals and driving a tractor! Featuring the McGregor's Farm Song and Story, founders of Play-Ground Theatre Jeff and Mia will travel to your school and share a unique theatrical and magical experience with your students and staff. 

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"Activities such as these help to build self-esteem, confidence, problem solving skills, group interactions skills, language development, concepts development and a host of other positive attributes that lead to the development of happy, healthy, functioning people. We need more programs for children like Play-Ground Theatre and I would highly recommend this curriculum for children of all ages!"

J. Zisman - Director of Children's Resources