Book - Theatre Games for Ages 7-12

Play-ground Theatre Company, Inc.

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Book - Theatre Games for Ages 7-12

This book offers valuable activities that will spark a wild fire of creative exploration and leave students asking for more.

This easy-to-follow theatre games book includes:

  • 15 Circle Games

  • 15 Warm-ups

  • 15 Crossing Games

  • 15 Acting Games

Play-Ground Theatre designs exercises to enhance vocal techniques and accents, hone and shape character skills, perfect theatrical timing, strengthen stage presence, while fostering team work, self esteem, and originality.

Bonus! Also included, worksheets with 15 character profiles for students to develop, script and perform with acting guidelines and play-writing themes. 














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  • Great in classrooms or at home

  • Super at summer camps

  • A fantastic addition to before/after school programs

  • A BIG HIT at birthday parties

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