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Songs for Kids - Children's Music Download

MUSIC DOWNLOAD - Play-Ground Songs for Kids

Sing along with this all original catalog of fantastic songs for kids. Listen to free samples below!

  1. PG Song

  2. PG Song (Instrumental)

  3. Over the Rainbow

  4. Over the Rainbow (Instrumental)

  5. Creepy Crawly Song

  6. Creepy Crawly Song (Instrumental)

  7. Bla Bla Bla Song

  8. Bla Bla Bla Song (Instrumental)

  9. We Are Friends

  10. We Are Friends (Instrumental)

  11. Treasure

  12. Treasure (Instrumental)

  13. Going to the Zoo

  14. Going to the Zoo (Instrumental)

  15. McGreggor's Farm

  16. McGreggor's Farm (Instrumental)

  17. Zappy's Little Circus

  18. Zappy's Little Circus (Instrumental)

  19. Time Travel Adventure Song

  20. Time Travel Adventure Song (Instrumental)

  21. Looking For Clues Song

  22. Looking For Clues Song (Instrumental)

  23. We Creep and We Crawl

  24. We Creep and We Crawl (Instrumental)

  25. Treasure Song

  26. Treasure Song (Instrumental)

  27. Play-Ground Rap Song

  28. Play-Ground Rap Song (Instrumental)

  • Great at home or the classroom

  • A fantastic addition to after school programs

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