Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour

Play-Ground Theatre Company, Colorado

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Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour
Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour
Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour

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Virtual Tours!

Play-Ground Theatre has found a refreshing way to keep sharing positivity and learning with young children. Now you can purchase a virtual tour for schools, libraries, camps, churches, home school or any place where children meet and enjoy act along video lessons. Professor Big Brain's Winter Acting Workshop is upbeat, full of movement, animation and original music with activities that flow at a  pace that allow kids to explore each idea as they become more confident and increase their acting skills.

Group Rental On demand. 90 days for $150

Episode 2 - Halloween

Professor Big Brain and Cupcake the Cow explore spooktacular dramatics with young students.

Stand up and find a space to get creative.

Activities including:

Warm up - If You're Ready

Acting Game - Characters from the Cauldron

Halloween Dance Freeze

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Founders of Play-Ground Theatre, Colorado. 


Watch a sample of Professor Big Brain's Act Along Videos.

There's more treats than tricks when you act along with adorable puppet players Crockie, Tommy, Sharky, Pi the baby dragon and Ellie the elephant.

"It's seriously awesome!"

"I've never seen anything as good as Professor Big Brain and Cupcake."

"The content is interactive and breaks the 4th wall. I think it's better than Sesame Street"

"Love the puppet players acting along too!"

"Your engaging my kids in such a creative way and the video is fantastic."

"Play-Ground Theatre act along videos are quality online learning for young children."

"The activities all blend so well together, my son wants to watch this everyday."

Kid-Friendly, Educational, and Entertaining.

Parent approved. Safe content. Safe language. Fun for all ages.

Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop plays for 22 minutes and 44 seconds.

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