Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop

Play-Ground Theatre Company, Colorado

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Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop
Professor Big Brain's Halloween Acting Workshop

Interactive, engaging and magical for kids!

Act along videos online learning for kids. Professor Big Brain and Cupcake the Cow will explore spooktacular creative dramatics with young students. Today's Mission - Warm up with Cupcake "If You're Ready" Acting Game "Characters from the Cauldron" and animated cartoon short "Halloween Dance Freeze" There's more treats than tricks when you act along with adorable puppet players Crockie, Tommy, Sharky, Pi the baby dragon and Ellie the elephant. Play-Ground Theatre Halloween Acting Workshop connects children with their limitless potential, encourages creative ideas, promotes teamwork and inspires all ages.

Choose the duration of each workshop rental 30 days, 180 days or 365 days.

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Recommended for ages 2 - 7.


Founders of Play-Ground Theatre, Colorado. 


Watch a sample of Professor Big Brain's Act Along Videos.

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