Professor Big Brain's Winter Acting Workshop - Act Along Videos

Play-Ground Theatre Company, Colorado

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Professor Big Brain's Winter Acting Workshop - Act Along Videos
Professor Big Brain's Winter Acting Workshop - Act Along Videos

Act along videos

from Play-Ground Theatre are interactive,

engaging and magical for children!

 Play-Ground Theatre has found a refreshing way to share positivity and learning with young children. Now you can purchase act along video lessons and enjoy them at home at a fantastic family price. Professor Big Brain's Acting Winter Workshop is upbeat, full of movement, animation and original music with activities that flow at a  pace that allow kids to explore each idea as they become more confident and increase their acting skills.

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Episode 3 - Winter

Professor Big Brain and Cupcake the Cow 

lead interactive creative dramatic activities that kids love.

Watch a sample here.

Stand up and find a space to get creative.

Activities including:

Warm Up - Jumping, Jumping,Jumping

Acting Game - Polar Pals

Dance Freeze with Elma the Elf

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Founders of Play-Ground Theatre, Colorado


"It's seriously awesome!"

"I've never seen anything as good as Professor Big Brain and Cupcake."

"The content is interactive and breaks the 4th wall. I think it's better than Sesame Street"

"Love the puppet players acting along too!"

"Your engaging my kids in such a creative way and the video is fantastic."

"Play-Ground Theatre act along videos are quality online learning for young children."

"The activities all blend so well together, my son wants to watch this everyday."

Kid-Friendly, Educational, and Entertaining.

Parent approved. Safe content. Safe language. Fun for all ages.

Professor Big Brain's Winter Acting Workshop plays for 23 minutes and 8 seconds.

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