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Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour

Play-Ground Theatre Company, Colorado

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Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour
Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour
Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshop - Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Video Rentals for Schools / Groups.

Play-Ground Theatre's new performing arts virtual program is designed to increase student's imagination skills and build self confidence while introducing them to acting.

Our let's get acting workshop offers interactive warm ups, exciting acting games and dance freeze with different themes. Students participate with Professor Big Brain, Cupcake the Cow and the Puppet Players in dramatic play activities, music and movement appropriate for ages 2 - 7. Take advantage of Play-Ground Theatre’s over 30 years of creative education experience.

Group Rental Options

30 days for $39.95

60 days for $69.95

Best Deal - 92 days for $89.95

Watch a sample Acting Game.

Let's Get Acting activities include:

Warm Up with Cupcake

Acting Games - Acting Animals

Fun with Feelings

Dance Freeze

Kid-Friendly, Educational, and Entertaining.
Teacher approved. Safe content. Safe language. 


Founders of Play-Ground Theatre, Colorado


"It's seriously awesome!"

"I've never seen anything as good as Professor Big Brain and Cupcake."

"The content is interactive and breaks the 4th wall. I think it's better than Sesame Street"

"Love the puppet players acting along too!"

"Your engaging my kids in such a creative way and the video is fantastic."

"Play-Ground Theatre act along videos are quality online learning for young children."

"The activities all blend so well together, my son wants to watch this everyday."

Professor Big Brain's Acting Workshop plays for 25 minutes and 40 seconds.

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