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Acting Game for Age 7-12 - All Together Now

Jeff Haycock



How to play
1) Tell students that they’re going to act out different things together.

2) Ask students to perform an action all together using the suggestions below (or create your own).

3) When everyone is ready to begin, the students are instructed to say, “AND ACTION!”

4)The class performs the scene for a few moments until the  “FREEZE!” cue is given and a new action is selected.

5) Perform three or more actions using the suggestions below.

All Together Now Suggestions
  • herd of buffalo                   
  • baby chicks hatching                   
  • pine forest
  • popcorn popping                
  • washing machine                   
  • bees in a hive        
  • toys on a shelf                   
  • fish in a tank                           
  •  thunder cloud
  • long fence                            
  • ocean waves                            
  • trick or treating
  • mountain range                   
  • leaves falling                             
  • campfire         

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